Oregon Coast Vacation: Seaside, OR

Oregon Coast Vacation - Seaside, OR

A few weeks ago my mom came up to visit and we took a trip to the Oregon Coast. Funny enough, she’d actually already been there a year prior, just after I moved, on a road trip with her friend. Besides a very foggy day in Astoria earlier in the year, I’d never been! So we packed up to escape the Portland heat and drove through the forest to the coast.

Oregon Coast Vacation - Seaside, OR

We stayed in Seaside, a tiny, touristy beach town that was at once very nostalgic and very modernized—lots of new buildings and hotels around, but still so much of that old beach town vibe I was used to growing up in Southern California. Parts of it reminded me of the old Dory Fish Market in Newport Beach.

Oregon Coast Vacation - Seaside, OR

Between our jaunts to other nearby cities, we explored the town a little each day. We walked around the main drag through the shops and indoor arcade area, strolled down the boardwalk and saw the Lewis and Clark “End of the Trail” marker, and scoped out some very entertaining paddle boats in the creek area behind our hotel.

Oregon Coast Vacation - Seaside, OR

A couple days later we went to the historic Seaside Aquarium, a tiny two-room display of local sea life complete with a seal feeding pool and a touch tank (my favorite). It wasn’t much compared to Monterey Bay or the Aquarium of the Pacific, but for the size it was incredibly informational… we ended up staying for almost an hour!


Overall, Seaside was a lot of fun and a great little getaway, especially during the summer. Did I mention that the whole time we were there I had this song stuck in my head?



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