From LA to PDX

We moved from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR in July 2016. My boyfriend, Christian, had gotten a new job. So we did it all in 2 days, loading up and driving our two cars and a rental pickup. No U-Haul, no Pods, just shoving everything in that we could and leaving/selling/donating the rest.

So off we go, me in Christian’s car with our cat, Gem, my mom driving my car, and Christian in the rental. The bed of the pickup was stuffed above the cab and the tarp we had over it ripped to shreds causing Christian to end up almost 2 hours behind us as we waited at the Starbucks in Buttonwillow with the cat terrified out of her mind. We drove 4 hours from there, spent the night in a Motel 6 in Livermore so we could park the truck overnight in my sister’s driveway, and then drove 10 hours up to Portland the next day… except it actually took 13 because I got trapped behind a huge burning semi for two and a half hours after my mom and Christian narrowly avoided the flames flying across the freeway.

Yes it was horrifying, no I don’t want to talk about it.

We didn’t get to our new place until almost midnight, but since we needed to drop the rental off at 8 the next morning we had to unpack the truck. We picked up some wine beforehand but couldn’t find the corkscrew—luckily I found an open bottle we’d packed so we all had a couple solo cups of that instead. We slept on air mattresses, dropped off the truck and got brunch at the Hazel Room (a past Portland favorite) the next morning, took my mom to see the International Rose Test Garden, and then she went on her way.

Since then it’s been a nonstop exploration of this new town, our new state, and all the new stuff that comes along with it. Food, hiking, beer, fun… and a whole lot of adventure.

Here’s some snapshots of the long haul from LA to Portland:

SAM_0909Climbing up the Grapevine

SAM_0913 (1)Our last California sunset

SAM_0914Christian in the pickup, ripped tarp flapping in the wind

SAM_0920.jpgDay 2, the kitten in her carrier sleeping after a solid hour of howling when we got back on the road

So close but so far…

SAM_0943.jpgPit stop outside of Mount Shasta

SAM_0942.jpgGem trying to hunt birds at the rest stop (not pictured: the older couple in disbelief of a cat on a leash)

SAM_0957.jpgMount Shasta

SAM_0970 (1).jpg
Made it across the state line…

SAM_0975.jpg…and not 20 minutes later I was the 2nd car stopped behind a huge flaming semi—the tires had already exploded here but you can see the ash and remnants raining down

SAM_0977 (1)Finally through and green as the eye can see

SAM_0985 (1).jpg



SAM_0996.jpgJust outside of Springfield and Eugene

SAM_1003.jpgLast picture before the sun set completely

0.jpgUs completely exhausted at our new place the next day

13710704_10208073764495495_3637580618083869272_o.jpgWandering through the Rose Garden, home in Portland at last

More to come soon…

x, Lindsey

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